The Dyfed Carriage Club is fast becoming the premier driving club in the country renowned for its

professional, friendly and welcoming nature. It has members drawn from all across the region with

various levels of skills and abilities, from complete novices to international competitors. The club follows

the principles of the the British Driving Society, the governing body for pleasure driving in the United

Kingdom, and is established to inform, improve and promote the diverse world of horse drawn carriage


The club meets on a regular basis, the first monday of every month at 7.30 at the Tanerdy Inn,

Carmarthen  to discuss the latest issues concerning carriage driving and animal

welfare. Each month, a specially invited guest speaker will also attend. whilst during the summer months,

the club members will be involved in local rallies, competition, shows, displays and parades and during

the winter months, indoor winter training sessions and competition driving.

Annual club membership is £15 for individual and £20 for family membership, runs from October 1st.

Newcomers are most welcome to come along to any of our events. Our meetings are free, however if you

attend more than once, we kindly ask newcomers to take out our membership.

Please note that any person wishing to take part in any of our Dyfed Carriage Club Events for the first

time will be asked to undertake a safety check for their horse, harness, carriage and driving ability. This is

a precautionary safety measure for you, your horse and the people around you. No one will  be allowed to

take part in our public events without first being to one of our monthly training nights or who is known as a

competent driver or is under professional instruction by an acknowledged carriage driving instructor.

The club also has the right to refuse entry to any of the Dyfed Carriage Club events for any

substandard carriages which we may believe to be liable to cause risk or injury to the competitor, their

horse or the people around them. These include low cost starter traps as sold on a leading equestrian

mail order catalogue and also widely available on a popular internet auction site. Further details are

available from the club Chairman on 01994 484766 or email:

Members can enjoy the benefits of sharing advice and participating in local events including:

     Free Badge

     Personal and equine training information

     Mentoring and advice

     Advice on Harness choice, selection, maintenance and fitting

     Advice on carriage choice, selection and maintenance

     Animal welfare and husbandry     

     Social meetings, Closed Facebook discussion forum and informative guest lectures


     Competitions including fun shows, Attelage de Tradition, combined driving events

     Displays including Harness Blessing and demonstrations


     Fun days

     Advice on Legislative issues

     Members decide on club issues








Become a member of the Dyfed Carriage Club and you will enter a wonderful world of opportunity with the chance to make great friends in a community of like-minded people. Single membership is an affordable £15 per person or £20 for a family. This entitles you to access of club facilities including events, training days and meetings. Additional costs may be incurred such as entry fees and venue hire costs for certain events, but these are always kept as low as possible. Members will be expected to take part either as competitors, participants or support crew at various events, but this is never anything too onerous or demanding.